Is There Hope for Anxious, Doubting, and Burned Out Christians?

Ed Cyzewski: Author // Contemplative

If you’re a Christian who is burned out, falling flat, discouraged, struggling, or doubtful, I have a suggestion based on my own experiences. This suggestion may or may not help, but just consider it for a moment.

What if Christianity is bound to fail you no matter how often you say sincere prayers, no matter how hard you study the Bible, no matter what theology you adopt, no matter how often you attend church, and no matter how sincerely you commit to follow Jesus?

What if your faith can only survive if you approach God in a different way?

I don’t necessarily want to undermine practices such as Bible study, attending church, or praying sincerely. These are all good things in their place. However, one can lean too heavily on these practices, expecting them to provide what they cannot, and then burning out as you continue to come up empty.

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After the Storm


“The storm is gone, but the “after the storm” is always there.” Deacon Julius Lee


When the storms of life have torn through life, leaving wounds to tend to and losses to grieve, the aftermath can feel like a daunting prospect. Sorting through the rubble we might feel as though we have a layer of skin missing, sensitive to the slightest touch, unable to work out what comes next.

It’s something that we can perhaps all identify with in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. We may or may not have been personally touched by the tragedy, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t affected by it.

And as I write this, I’m irresistibly reminded of another ‘day after’.

Holy Saturday; the worst has happened, we have to come to terms with it and God is silent.

As the victims and their families live through their Holy Saturday and as we sit…

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#MoreThan Survival #MHAW17

Some simple advice on how we can help ourselves and others have better mental health. See #5 especially.


Sometimes, when it comes to mental illness, it’s just about getting through the day isn’t it?

Amidst the monitoring of moods, taking of medication and trying to strike that ever-so delicate balance between paranoia and self-care.

Is that a symptom? Am I relapsing? Am I just sad or it a sign of something more?

Is this it? Does my diagnosis mean that this is just my life from now on?

They’re thoughts I’ve had countless times over the past decade of living with mental illness.

And sometimes, it’s a little overwhelming, and in trying to avoid the lows, it can sometimes feel as if you have to give up on the dizzying heights, too.

At some point over the last couple of months, as I’ve emerged from a year which saw the darkness return with a vengeance I’ve realised that I don’t want to live my life looking over my…

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Introducing #MoreThanSurvival



It’s here! Mental Health Awareness Week is upon us and this year the national focus in “Surviving or Thriving?” and we’ve decided to take this theme a little further and think about how to move beyond survival and look to living life to the full in the way Jesus speaks about – regardless of whether you have a mental illness.

We really want to encourage you that you don’t have to put up with merely treading water, life doesn’t have to just be about getting through the day. Mental illness doesn’t need to be a death sentence – and so this week we’re going to be looking at ways we can embrace a full life.

This isn’t about a prosperity-gospel style “life with Jesus means no pain and all the gain” because when I look at the Bible I don’t see that. I only need to look at the Psalms to…

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Grief and Mental Health


In the past week, Prince Harry opened up about the effect his grief at the death of Diana, Princess of Wales as a part of the Heads Together initiative with the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall.

Grief and mental health are inextricably linked; one can spark the other, they can coexist  in an uncomfortable alliance.

Grief, in and of itself however, is not a mental illness. It’s our natural response to loss; whether that be the loss of a loved one, a place or a relationship.

There is hope, in grief. Grief is designed to weave its way into your life, to change you- mental health issues like depression are designed to destroy life.

Kay Redfield Jamieson writes:

Grief said C.S. Lewis is like “a winding valley where any bend may reveal a totally new landscape.” This is so. The lessons that come from grief come from its unexpected moves, from its shifting…

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Waking up in a ‘thin’ place…@LeeAbbeyDevon

It was six o’clock in the morning. I could hear the wind whistling outside and rattling against the windows. I got out of bed and pulled back the curtains. There was the moon, but it was the …

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Mindful Relationships, a little video about cultivating them…

I have just uploaded a new video on Mindful Relationships: our relationship with our own self; our relationship with others, creation and God. You can find it on You Tube and here is the link:

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