I HAD THOUGHT OF DELETING THIS POST IN VIEW OF GLG2 [https://delemares.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/god-loves-gays-2-a-revision-a-revolution-even/ ], BUT NOW PLAN TO ANNOTATE IT AS A LOT STILL RELEVANT TO THE GAY DEBATE – I’ve struck through the bits that no longer apply.


the video is at           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezQjNJUSraY       
It’s over an hour long, very moving and thought provoking – I’ll be giving a summary in my next post of GOD LOVES GAYS 2.

This article was originally written for the Lymington Times and published in 1998 – my thoughts have not changed much over the years – but I’m returning to the topic in view of the recent debate over redefining ‘marriage’.

I’m also including this on my blog as our sexuality – and the reactions of others to it – can affect our mental health.

[As I write this(in 1998), Parliament is preparing to debate the lowering of the homosexual age of consent and recently a sermon given by the Archbishop of Canterbury was disrupted by members of the gay lobby. The issue of gay rights is still very much on the public agenda.]

What should be the response of a Bible-believing Christian?

Let’s look at what the Bible has to say.

In both the old and new testaments the Bible lists homosexual acts along with other sexual immorality and theft, greed, drunkenness, slander, fraud, discord, jealousy and lying – all as unacceptable behavior. If we are honest, we must all admit that we are guilty in the light of this list. The Bible does not major on homosexual acts; they are not bigger or lesser sins than other cases of sexual immorality – fornication and adultery. In our present society we see these two almost taken as acceptable, so it is understandable that homosexuals feel that they are unfairly singled out.

The Bible also tells us that God is love. He has compassion on all He has made, which must include gays.

God is love – but He is also holy, perfect; we in our sin cannot begin to approach a holy God.

Yet God is not cruel, He does not command us to refrain from sin without enabling us to do so.

In His mercy, He sent His Son to die and pay the price for our sin, so that those who believe can be counted as sinless in His sight.

More than that, He sent His Holy Spirit, as promised by Jesus, to enable us to become more like Him. It is possible for us to change from our sinful ways. Some old habits are more difficult to be free from than others – but it is possible for all to be free – many homosexuals have been freed from this lifestyle. The first step is to recognize that homosexual acts violate God’s laws – in particular, His law for sexual acts to be contained within a faithful, monogamous, heterosexual marriage for life.

His laws are for our good. If we kept to His laws on sexual acts, there would be no AIDS.

God judges the heart, if we acknowledge our sin and repent – decide to turn away from that way of life –  He will help us and empower us to be free.

There is no room for homophobia in the Christian response to homosexuals. God loves gays – but He hates homosexual practices. We need to separate the sin from the sinner, hating the sin but loving the sinner, just as God does.

This article was adapted from a much longer article THE BIG THREE – HOMOSEXUALITY, ABORTION & EUTHANASIA published in the Liberal Democrat Christian Focus in 1993, written in response to a comment by Simon Hughes MP.

Available here: THE BIG THREE – homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia




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follower of Jesus, retired mental health nurse, writer. Interests: crochet, photography, wildlife I blog on biblical meditation, mental health and crochet. I'm also posting a series on my life story so people know where I'm coming from.
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4 Responses to GOD LOVES GAYS

  1. Totally agree Sandra. We had lesbian neighbours some years ago and God clearly told me loved them as much as he loves me. He doesn’t like their sin…. and he doesn’t like mine too much either!

    • delemares says:

      thanks, Linda. I so agree. This is a subject that’s been on my heart for years. I’m currently trying to get God’s take on equality in marriage – there’s so much animosity on both sides of the argument. Reading some articles, you’d think that homosexual acts were the unforgiveable sin – how condemning is that?

  2. You may want to rethink even the AIDS comment in light of new research that shows it traveled from apes to humans when a hunter butchered a chimp. Since it has spread through bodily fluids (blood, semen), but it would have spread regardless of whether the contact was male/male or male/female.

    Thank you for your openness and honesty. God is Love, and your actions speak. Bless you!

  3. delemares says:

    Thank you.
    I agree, I should revise the AIDS comment to make it clear that it is spread by both male/female as well as male/male intimate contact. Sadly, in Africa, it seems to have been spread by men visiting female prostitutes and whole villages consist of children and their grandparents.
    Thanks again for your generous comments.

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