My Story 2 – Me and the Gay Debate – the Backstory of a Blog

Fastforward in my story to a recent blog post which received over 10x the viewings of any previous post in a single day. A post which nearly wasn’t made.

I refer to GOD LOVES GAYS 2.

Over 20 years ago, I wrote many letters to my local paper (most were published); mostly on religious topics. To back up my comments I collected files of facts and articles on many topics. My file on homosexuality was about an inch thick!

‘Why, Lord? Why have I got all this stuff, I don’t know anyone who’s gay?’

I wrote the original article partly as a response to the bile-filled comments of some critics of homosexuals. I’d read their comments and ask myself, ‘If I were gay, how would I feel reading this?’ – I’d feel condemned and rejected. Would that help me respond positively to the gospel message of God’s love? Probably not.

I also thought of how God has treated me over the years – with tender mercy and grace. I won’t go into details (that’s for later posts). However, after making a decision to follow Jesus when an undergraduate at uni, I spent many dark years feeling that I had blown it, I wasn’t a proper Christian etc. I became suicidal from time to time; I had several unhelpful relationships and had a child without being married.

Then one day, God just came, and I knew (don’t ask me how) that he accepted me just as I was. I didn’t have to do anything to earn his love. I haven’t looked back since that day – the turning point of my life.

Thinking of Jesus’ reaction to the woman taken in adultery, who was I to start throwing stones?


I retired in November 2011. Before retiring, I planned on having a website – sharing my passions with the world, illustrated by my photos (well a select few from the many thousands taken to date).

For many years, I’ve been a member of the Association of Christian Writers. Their winter magazine mentioned their facebook page and twitter account. I joined both and was introduced to Jeff Goins and his blogging course. You can sign up here:

I decided to start blogging as I could set up a blog for free. I made my first post on Easter Saturday this year, just over 3 weeks ago.

Prior to that, I’d had some interactions on twitter. Stephen Fry (well known in the uk – comedian/actor/man of letters/presenter of QI, also did a televised tour of the US in a London black taxi cab) had tweeted in support of gay marriage, I replied asking ‘can someone explain to me why I’m called a bigot because I’m uneasy about the redefinition of marriage?’ (Earlier in the year I’d signed a petition by the Coalition for Marriage opposingUKgovernment proposals to allow gay marriage in civil ceremonies). This led to some interesting exchanges – including several with James.

To keep up with making regular postings on my blog, I thought of posting some of my articles from the archives. I kept thinking of one, GOD LOVES GAYS which had been published in a local paper in 1998. I nearly didn’t post it as it didn’t quite fit my blog topic – mental health, meditation and crochet. However, I justified it because being gay has mental health effects – not least from all the rejection, not to mention loneliness. I also hoped to generate some traffic on my blog as it’s a hot topic at the moment. This wasn’t my exploiting the topic; I hope I’ve explained my heart on the issue.

I tweeted James the link to my post. He tweeted back with a link to a video of a talk by Matthew Vines. It’s rather long, 1hr+. I was about 20mins in when I paused it and tweeted James that I was considering amending my original post.

Well!!! Even before I’d written the post, I had tweets encouraging me, saying it was fantastic etc.etc.

Once the post was made – things took off – I got over 400 hits the first day (over 10x my previous highest) and lots of words of encouragement and praise for being brave and courageous – this I’ve found very humbling: I don’t feel brave, I was just following the truth as I saw it. My blog has now been viewed on all continents.

The traffic and comments continue – although not so great as that first day. I hope my words may cause prayerful thought and add grace, mercy and compassion to the debate.


About Sandra Delemare

follower of Jesus, retired mental health nurse, writer. Interests: crochet, photography, wildlife I blog on biblical meditation, mental health and crochet. I'm also posting a series on my life story so people know where I'm coming from.
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5 Responses to My Story 2 – Me and the Gay Debate – the Backstory of a Blog

  1. Phil Groom says:

    You mention the woman caught in adultery … did you get as far as reading Emma Jayne’s Notes from a Gay Christian Woman?

    I daresay you’ll find it worthwhile…

    • delemares says:

      I’ve just read it – only read part before.
      The report of the woman taken in adultery was one place I started when I was writing on this back in 1993 – trying to get an idea of what Jesus would do/say.

    • delemares says:

      very moving piece by Emma. I just love it when people take a bible story and use it this way. Shows how the bible is still so relevant today.

  2. The subject of ‘Gay relationship’ as mentioned in another blog of yours…has been one I’ve done a lot of soul searching on…while I don’t believe it is in God’s design for man or woman…I do not feel that it is up to me to judge what God thinks…It is up to Him and those hearts He looks at!…Diane

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