Mindfulness – as used on a busy acute mental health ward

This is a presentation I made at a Mindfulness Conference in spring 2011 – it has links to some useful resources:


In the audience were my consultant psychiatrist and some of the psychologists who had taught me mindfulness – no pressure then!

This is from a powerpoint presentation – fairly self-explanatory but if anything is not clear, please ask. It includes a diagram of how mindfulness can help cope with unwanted or distressing thoughts, memories or voices.


About Sandra Delemare

follower of Jesus, retired mental health nurse, writer. Interests: crochet, photography, wildlife I blog on biblical meditation, mental health and crochet. I'm also posting a series on my life story so people know where I'm coming from.
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11 Responses to Mindfulness – as used on a busy acute mental health ward

  1. It’s VERY clear. I really love the diagrams of blocking thoughts/not working and acknowledging them/working. This is very well put together.

  2. Sarah Curtis says:

    Hi Sandra, do you have any information on/experience of compassionate mindfulness? Sarah.

  3. delemares says:

    Hi Sarah
    The only experience I’ve had was at a conference a few years ago, so I’m a bit hazy on the details. We were invited to meditate on compassion/loving thoughts from within ourselves. I remember that as I did this I was conscious that my source of love and compassion is Jesus – I know he loves me and that is the source of my compassion for others. I shared this with the group.

    I’ve found a video of Jon Kabat-Zinn describing the link between mindfulness and compassion. You may find it helpful:

    I’ve also found some mindfulness exercises on self-compassion that you may find useful. You can find them here:

    I hope this helps.
    All the best.

  4. Ann Wood says:

    I was wondering if it would be possible to learn more about “using mindfulness on a busy mental health ward”. The link doesn’t seem to work.
    Thanks, Ann (very from a very busy mental health ward).

    • sorry for the delay, Ann. I’ve now inserted a link to my pdf file of this talk so you should be able to see it. I’ve been looking for the script for the talk, but can’t seem to find it – if I do, I’ll post that as well. I’d be interested to learn of your experience of using mindfulness on a busy acute ward. As well as trying to run daily sessions – we do meds each shift, how come we can’t manage 10 mins for mindfulness – I’d talk individual patients through being mindful, usually by suggesting we take a walk in the garden (if I had time – always a big problem).
      All the best in your endeavours, Sandra

  5. Sorry, it was a while ago and the uni seem to have removed. Will update this post as soon as…

  6. Reblogged this on MMM… Meditation, Mental health, Mindful crochet and commented:

    It’s been brought to my attention that my link to the University site no longer exists, so I’ve inserted a link to my pdf file of the presentation.
    As there has been some recent interest, I’m reblogging this post.

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