Stunning Russian Crochet

Just had to share this link – absolutely stunning crochet jacket – irish crochet style, but multi coloured – I’m trying to work out how it was done.

it’s in russian, but google has a translate button – some of the translation is a bit weird – and it’s not knitting, definitely crochet!


there are lots more pictures and close-ups on the site


About Sandra Delemare

follower of Jesus, retired mental health nurse, writer. Interests: crochet, photography, wildlife I blog on biblical meditation, mental health and crochet. I'm also posting a series on my life story so people know where I'm coming from.
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13 Responses to Stunning Russian Crochet

  1. scskillman says:

    Fabulous jacket. I shall send a link to my friend who is a textile artist – she’ll love to see it!

  2. delemares says:

    Does she crochet?

  3. It really doesn’t look like crochet, it is so intricate.

  4. If you can even ‘think’ about how it was done…you must crochet beautifully…I just LOOK…Diane

    • delemares says:

      there are some close-ups on the website – so I could give it a go. I did some irish crochet some years ago. Getting a suitable yarn would help. I may get round to it – at the moment it’s just for inspiration. – btw, knowing how to do it is not the same as crocheting beautifully.
      thanks for the comment, Diane… Sandra

  5. Alison Hird says:

    AJHird says: It is so beautiful and delicate. I have done crochet and enjoy it much more than knitting.

  6. Wow, that’s just gorgeous. I had no idea you could achieve such effects with crochet.

  7. successbmine says:

    Beautiful! I have done a lot of crochet work in my life, but nothing quite as intricate as this. I have always said I think I was born with a crochet hook in my hand. It just seemed to come naturally to me, and I was doing it probably by the time I was 8. My grandmother made many afghans, bedspreads, tablecloths. I have crocheted quite a few afghans and done fine lace edgings for a couple of tablecloths as well as for other projects. Check out my post where you can see the 1″ dolls I used to clothe with crochet clothes. For some reason, this one doesn’t have booties, but I usually made those too.

    • delemares says:

      Your crafts are beautiful, Diane. I taught myself to crochet from a booklet when I was In the sixth form. I’m planning on posting some photos of my efforts at some time. I can’t imagine doing clothes for 1″ dolls, the finest work I’ve sone is lace edgings for nighties.

  8. Staci Troilo says:

    Never would have guessed that was crochet. Beautiful work. Wish I had the patience to learn that.

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