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Do you consider yourself a loner? Do you find you need time alone to recharge? Do you think there are not enough listeners? This post raises many questions, and gives many positves for being a ‘loner’.

The Mirth of Despair

By far, the search results that most land on my blog involve some iteration of whether it’s okay to be a loner. No doubt they all lead to this post.

I find it quite surprising that many searches about the permissiveness of being a loner lead to here. In fact, my blog is now one of the top search results for that idea. I can surmise only that this must be a topic that strikes a nerve with many people, yet there must not be much concrete content out there if my blog is one of the top results.

This post stems from the above observations. I’m going to sound more decisive and self-assured than usual because it seems to me that some people need definitive answers.

So, let’s get right to it. Is there anything wrong with being a loner?

The short answer is no.

To provide the…

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About Sandra Delemare

follower of Jesus, retired mental health nurse, writer. Interests: crochet, photography, wildlife I blog on biblical meditation, mental health and crochet. I'm also posting a series on my life story so people know where I'm coming from.
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4 Responses to reblog – being a loner

  1. sp56h says:

    I certainly like my own space and when it’s not possible I will go out somewhere! I am happy in my own company but I also like being with friends, however, happier in a small group! I actually do a lot on my own because not everyone shares my interests so I will happily wander round art galleries alone or go off for a day somewhere – you only have yourself to please. If I don’t get space I get grumpy! Yes, on the whole I enjoy being alone and it does help me recharge. As for listeners, maybe there should be more. There were times in the last year or two when I seemed to be surrounded by everyone elses problems which weighed me down, including a friend who I usually confide in. I felt then that I was on my own and had no one to listen to me.

    • delemares says:

      Thanks for your comment. I’m much the same as you.
      In the full post, it is stated that loners are often good listeners – but as you comment, it often means we feel we have no one to listen to us!
      Also, if I’ve been doing a lot of listening (like when I was nursing), I then want some time alone (so I didn’t want to listen to family members’ tales of woe when I got home – difficult getting a balance)

  2. Thanks for the reblog! I agree about the listening . . . I wish people more often listened to me. It seems they rarely ever do so, and I think that makes us all the more appreciate the fact that people want others to listen to them. But not having anyone listen to us is a drawback. You’ve got to find the right person for that . . . or maybe blogging helps there.

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