50 Shades of Mindfulness – Christian contemplative practices

Here’s a link to an article about the widespread interest in mindfulness: http://www.eauk.org/culture/friday-night-theology/50-shades-of-mindfulness.cfm
Mindfulness is said to have it’s roots in Buddhism, but Christian contemplative practices also lead to mindfulness, with the added benefit that we can be mindful of God’s presence.

I left a comment on a related post (http://www.bible-reflections.net/news/how-can-i-de-stress/2755/#comments ). Here is an excerpt:

For myself, when being led in mindfulness by others, I often found myself reflecting on the things of God. An example: we were asked to imagine a safe place, either a room or somewhere outdoors. I imagined a woodland glade, and thought of the birds singing, the warmth of the sun, a gentle breeze. Then, a figure clothed in a white robe appeared (I hadn’t consciously thought of this). I just knew it was Jesus. I then reflected that, for me, anywhere is a safe place as He is always with me.

What’s your experience of mindfulness?

About Sandra Delemare

follower of Jesus, retired mental health nurse, writer. Interests: crochet, photography, wildlife I blog on biblical meditation, mental health and crochet. I'm also posting a series on my life story so people know where I'm coming from.
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