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Want to get married in the Church of England? Sorry, straights only… MARRIAGE: We’re hearing a lot about it these days as Her Majesty’s Government crosses swords and angry words with the religious right…

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If you examine the ever growing tree of mindfulness therapies, one of the main branches is Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Here is a little map of MBCT to start you on your way. Another key mindfulness-based approach is Mindfulness-based Cognitive…

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Mindfulness and Christianity

This is the first post on mindfulness and Christianity. Some Christians shy away from mindfulness because of it’s links with Buddhism, but mindfulness is similar to Christian contemplative practices. See the comments for interesting takes on Christians using mindfulness.

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From Religion to Spirituality

Wondering about the difference between Religion and Spirituality? Here’s a link to a post which explains this – and much more:

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