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My Story 9 – Repentance, it’s not what you think

‘Most people think of repentance as a heavy, sombre religious duty. In reality, authentic biblical repentance is a life-giving art, renewing the entire soul.’ (John Mark Comer, ‘My Name is Hope: Anxiety, depression and life after melancholy.’) In my last … Continue reading

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On All the Sentimental Stuff and Clutter

This post is so relevant to my recent post – hope I can put at least some of it into practice:

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Some Reflections on My First Year of Retirement

My first year of retirement has been overshadowed by preparing for my Mum to come and live with us. It has involved sorting out a lot of stuff: Clearing stuff from the room for her Clearing stuff from 2 cupboards … Continue reading

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On The Death Of Brennan Manning

Originally posted on Big Circumstance:
Brennan Manning (Photo credit: Jordon) I was sad to pick up the news today about the death of Brennan Manning. His books, with their radical embrace of God’s grace, have meant a lot to me…

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the ego – a concretization of God-forgetfulness and a #mindful remedy

Dorothee Soelle has a beautiful phrase, ‘the ego is a concretization of God-forgetfulness.’ Not only that the ego is a concretization of other-forgetfulness, of creation-forgetfulness. We live in an ego-dominated world. Whether it is what Manfred Kets de Vries calls…

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