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In the #mindfulness garden of the mind

Someone sent me this beautiful photo of the mindfulness garden at the Chelsea Flower Show this year. Then I read this quote very quickly afterwards: ‘Human love is not a well laid out little paradise in which the tendrils of…

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Drama and Music To Make Us Think: Disability Hate Crime, Religious Persecution, Bullying, Relationships, the Holocaust, North Korea, Scapegoating of Minorities…

Ten Ten Theatre Company – “The Jeweller’s Shop” Ten Ten theatre company and “Kolbe’s Gift” Confessions of a Butterfly by Jonathan Salt Rise – “Soldier to Saint” Rise Theatre Company Actors in Living Without Fear     90%of all babies…

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BERT’S FLOWERS – a short story

            ‘Mummy, Mummy, there are flowers on the war memorial!’             ‘They’re the poppies from Remembrance Sunday.’ ‘No they’re not.  These are new ones.  Spring flowers.  Daffodils and things.’ The little girl shook her fair curls and looked up at … Continue reading

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My Story 10 – my Eureka Moment

After my turning point moment when I experienced God’s loving acceptance, I felt that my first priority was to find a church. God had other ideas: ‘Look after your family and your new baby, I’ll find you a church.’ And … Continue reading

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learning crochet/teaching crochet

My youngest son asked me to teach him to crochet. He works nights as a security guard – those nights can really drag. What to teach? I started with chain stitch, but that can be boring. So I showed him … Continue reading

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