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From Soul-weariness to Hope

‘my soul is weary… strengthen me according to your word.’ (Psalm 119:28) I’m currently meditating on Psalm 119 – this could take a long time, it’s the longest psalm in the Book. I read those words yesterday, and thought of … Continue reading

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More Pillars of Mental Health and Wellbeing

This came up in my email inbox:10 Rules for Simple Happiness Currently, I’m still sorting ‘stuff’, so this blog seems to have become a series of rebloggs and links to others – but hey, why re-invent the wheel!!?? There’s some … Continue reading

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The four pillars of mental health and wellbeing

Here is a link to The four pillars of mental health and wellbeing. This is from Adrian Warnock’s blog. Adrian is a medical doctor, has trained as a psychiatrist, and following eight years of hospital practice, now works in research. … Continue reading

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I attach summer here for you – a three-minute #Icon

Harbour Bay by Emily Marten Step out of clock time. Gaze at this painting without thinking. Just for three minutes. When your mind wanders bring it back to the painting. Try and gaze at it with open awareness, allowing whatever…

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The Most Dangerous Book In England…

Originally posted on That Happy Certainty:
If you haven’t watched Melvyn Bragg’s brilliant historical documentary, The Most Dangerous Man in Tudor England, on BBC iPlayer, then don’t miss out – it’s available here. Bragg tells the story of William Tyndale, the man who gave his…

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