Spiritual Formation Thursday: Celtic Circle/Caim Prayer

I am following David Cole’s Celtic Lent. Today’s chapter is about st N I n I a n and mentions circling prayers. Here are some examples.

Learning From the Saints

Celtic Trinity KnotToday’s post is about a protection prayer from the Celtic Christian tradition.  The Celtic Church developed differently than the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches, mainly because of their distance from the central locations of Rome and Constantinople.  They also were not as influenced by the Roman Empire, although they were part of the Empire for some time.  The Celtic Church developed around the monks and monasteries on the British Isles.  So it would follow that some of their traditions would differ than the more mainstream Churches.

The Celtic Church developed a special type of protection prayer, the Caim Prayer or Circle Prayer.  This was a way to surround oneself with the protection and blessing of the Triune God.  To perform the Caim Prayer, you stand up, point your right index finger at the ground and turn in a clockwise circle.  At certain positions you will say prayers.

Imagining your circle…

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