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Meet Spot…

Meet Spot, my latest ‘excuse’ for not posting. Spot, aka Microchip, is a Lancashire Heeler – a rare British dog breed. We found one wandering in the road over 20 years ago, and I was thrilled to find that he … Continue reading

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Garden Prayer Walk – 2 – Olive Tree

Continuing my Garden Prayer Walk – the Olive Tree: This reminds me of the Garden of Gethsemane at the foot of the Mount of Olives. Gethsemane always speaks to me of Jesus’ humanity. He really would rather not have gone … Continue reading

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The Bible and Mental Health – 2

How to calm your mind with God’s word. Adrian Warnock has written an excellent series of posts on mental health. This one deals specifically with using the Bible to calm your mind: “ For God hath not given us the … Continue reading

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God’s Law – It’s not Legalism

This is the script of a talk I gave at Lighthouse Community Church yesterday: Following on from what Steve F has told us about God not being a harsh task master and David C, that there’s no right way of … Continue reading

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From Soul-weariness to Hope

‘my soul is weary… strengthen me according to your word.’ (Psalm 119:28) I’m currently meditating on Psalm 119 – this could take a long time, it’s the longest psalm in the Book. I read those words yesterday, and thought of … Continue reading

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My Story 10 – my Eureka Moment

After my turning point moment when I experienced God’s loving acceptance, I felt that my first priority was to find a church. God had other ideas: ‘Look after your family and your new baby, I’ll find you a church.’ And … Continue reading

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re-blog Christian Mindfulness-Lectio Divina

This is a really good example of biblical meditation – also gives a good idea of how to use Shaun Lambert’s ‘Book of Sparks’

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