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Anger in the spiral of violence.1

What role does my anger play in the ills of the world? Here’s a link to a post that explores this issue. http://davidkflowers.com/2012/09/anger-in-the-spiral-of-violence/#comments All change must start with ourselves. We need to start becoming part of the solution, not keep … Continue reading

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Count your blessings – keep a Gratitude Journal – 5 things a day to be thankful for

‘A law of the personality and of life: what we think about will soon affect the way we feel. Rational Emotive Therapy is based on this idea–“Change your thinking, and you change your feelings, and the next consequence is a … Continue reading

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Physician heal thyself: treasure in jars of clay – Soul Fast update 1

Whilst writing this blog, I’m very conscious that I need to be putting the skills into practice in my own life. That is why I’m following the 40 day Soul Fast: to put my own house in order. The main … Continue reading

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This is an excellent post – and applies not only to weight loss but other behavioural changes like giving up smoking, getting more exercise.

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‘Negative’ emotions are signals that something needs to change. They can be great motivators. Mindfulness can help us identify these emotions. This post deals specifically with Fear, Anger and Loneliness. More on ‘negative’ emotions in future posts.

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I’d like to start by telling you something about myself and why I am writing this blog: I’m a retired mental health nurse and a follower of Jesus (I don’t really like having to define what flavour/colour Christian I am). … Continue reading

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