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reblog – depression buster meditation

Originally posted on Bipolar Lessons:
Meditation (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn_BE_BACK_on_3th_SEPT) Many of the symptoms of depression have to do with the dwelling on the past. Guilt, regret and loss are often the primary feelings you may have when you are depressed.…

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Susan Boyle

Originally posted on SC Skillman Author:
As the third personality in my mini-series on People of Inspiration, step forward Susan Boyle. In the musical “I Dreamed a Dream” , which I saw at the Birmingham Hippodrome, I learned much about this…

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‘Negative’ emotions are signals that something needs to change. They can be great motivators. Mindfulness can help us identify these emotions. This post deals specifically with Fear, Anger and Loneliness. More on ‘negative’ emotions in future posts.

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How to Fiercely Break Through the Limits that Hold You Back (Guest Post by Dr. Anh Thu Nguyen, The Fit Foodie Pharmacist)

Fear – it’s what holds us back from realising our potential. ‘Feel the fear – and do it anyway’

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