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Reading the Bible can be good for your Mental Health

Here is a copy of an article which I wrote for a local paper, the ‘Lymington Times’, and which was published in October 2004 – 9 years ago but still relevant today.  Sunday 10th October was World Mental Health Day. … Continue reading

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Crochet, Mindfulnes and Healing

Crochet : a useful skill to help overcome depression mindfully. Here’s a link to an article that explains how : http://kathrynvercillo.hubpages.com/hub/Crochet-Mindfulness-and-Healing ‘a rhythmic, repetitive craft like crochet can be a terrific tool for achieving mindfulness and also because there is … Continue reading

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Be the Gardener of Your Mind: Weed out the Negative Thoughts that are Choking the Beautiful You

Originally posted on bipolarmuse ♥:
“Out of damp and gloomy days, out of solitude, out of loveless words directed at us, conclusions grow up in us like fungus: one morning they are there, we know not how, and they gaze upon…

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