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From Religion to Spirituality

Wondering about the difference between Religion and Spirituality? Here’s a link to a post which explains this – and much more: http://davidkflowers.com/2012/11/from-religion-to-spirituality/#comment-3736

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Dawkins as Pantomime Dame

Brilliant and witty. I’ve long thought that Dawkins does protest too much – as if, if he says it long enough and often enough he’ll believe it himself. Read it here: http://blog.practicalethics.ox.ac.uk/2012/05/repent-brother-dawkins/ Any comments?

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How Writing Changed My Life

How Writing Changed My Life. this is a wonderful blog about the therapeutic use of writing – and much more. by Jeremy Statton, the same author as Grace is

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Bogged Down with Religion?

We had a beautiful service at church this morning – the theme was God’s everlasting love. I shared something of my story: asked about the benefits of salvation, I replied:- for me, the greatest thing is being certain of God’s … Continue reading

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