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Guest Post: Praying Against Panic And Anxiety

Originally posted on Big Circumstance:
In a world where stress is endemic and various therapies have arisen to help people combat it, do you ever wonder how a professional from that field views the place of Christian faith in dealing…

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My Story 8 – WHY? part II.

In my last post in this series I explained three reasons why God came when he did: thankfulness, obedience and welcoming. [ ] God has shown me three more reasons (there could be many more). 1) Just because: that’s just … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Mindfulness – Christian contemplative practices

Here’s a link to an article about the widespread interest in mindfulness: Mindfulness is said to have it’s roots in Buddhism, but Christian contemplative practices also lead to mindfulness, with the added benefit that we can be mindful of … Continue reading

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What is Mindfulness?

Here’s a link to a brief description of mindfulness, and short testimonies of how mindfulness-based therapy has helped people:

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#mindfulness is not minefulness – a minefield…

Mindfulness is not minefulness – a minefield as some Christians think, any more than religion is to blame for all the ills in the world. Those who are suspicious of it are to be welcomed though, for the difficult questions…

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reblog – the Jesus Prayer

Just before my first sabbatical seven years I was stressed, anxious and near to burn-out. I hadn’t fully realised this, but just a few weeks before I was due to start the sabbatical I was lying in bed, and suddenly…

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More free Crochet patterns – Beanies and other Hats

Just in time to make as Christmas presents- Here’s a link to a free crochet beanie hat pattern booklet:  – includes 5 patterns. For free booklet of 8 hat patterns, including beanies, ear-flap hats, a beret and a trilby … Continue reading

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My Story 7 – Why? Why did God come when he did?

Why did God come when he did? I’d not been to church in years, didn’t read the bible, rarely prayed – and then God came, and let me know that he accepts me, he loves me just as I am. … Continue reading

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Everyday Mindfulness

Everyday Mindfulness is an emerging website aimed at promoting mindfulness to everyone – my opinion is that to benefit from mindfulness, the only qualification is to be a human being. Mindfulness is free and easy; It just needs a little … Continue reading

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In his book ‘Words of Spirituality’ Enzo Bianchi writes, ‘in Buddism, it is through attention that one reaches a penetrating vision of reality, a way of seeing, what the desert fathers and the Christian tradition have called diorasis (seeing in…

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